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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  December 7, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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you. >> birthday party gone terribly wrong. what happened inside a downtown hotel room that left one man shot, shot, another badly beaten. >> mayor dixon booed during the mayor parade. mounting concerns about her remaining in office. >> more winter weather headed to maryland. when we can see a mix of rain sleet and ice coming up in the sky watch forecast. >> it is the hot toy of the holiday. possibly toxic substance inside those zoo zoo hamsters. >> good evening. >> 2 men charged with
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attempted murder after weekend shooting in downtown hotel now have been released after a bail hearing earlier today. >> tonight we are learning much more about the gunman they are accused of beating up. michael live outside the hotel with new deals. michael? >>reporter: good evening. started as birthday celebration on the eighth floor of the hotel behind but turned violent when a gun pulled out a handgun. police say 19-year-old mark johnson was shot once in the face with what is being described as an uzi style handgun. court documents say the accused gunman 19-year-old ray mopped wood lawn was tackled after the shooting by dominic anderson and omar. anderson then accused of repeatedly striking woodland in the face and head with gun until unresponse he have. we learned that woodland was just released from prison after violating his probation. >> most recently mr. wood land was sentenced on violation of probation in district court.
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sentenced to 7 months and released from baltimore city jail in october, 2009. e-now tonight the accused gunman remains in grave condition at shock trauma. shooting victim from this party is expected to survive. live in downtown bal baltimore, fox 45 news at 5:30. >> man who shot and killed a woman while taking the trash out gets 75 years in prison. warren yates and another man both found guilty of killing 58-year-old shirley wooster shot outside her middle river home back in january. she was likely caught in the cross fire of a botched drug deal. already strapped baltimore city fire department is facing even more cut backs tonight. chief james black announced one engine company and 2 truck companies will be permanently shut down at the end of this year. engine 14 in the 1900 block of holland street. truck 15 in the 1200 block of ford avenue and truck 16 in the 400 block of mack street all shut down. the department
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is affected by massive city budget cuts. more than 100 million dollars will have to be cut from the city budget next year. >> the city has responsibility to provide a reallis tech fire service. not a make believe fire service. they have a responsibility to provide a fear service to the sentences. they are simply not doing that. and to say that they are is telling a fairy tale. >>reporter: chief told firefighters in an e-mail that the closer should reduce the number of rotating closure throughout the department. 8 firefighters are hurt fighting a house fire in p g county. happened last night at partridge place and university park. family living there got out all right. the injured firefighters suffered burns and spraens. all expected to recover. the fire is believed to be accidental. damage tonight is set at 700,000 dollars. 96 year old man dies in an apartment blaze. lewis died sunday at the ridge garden apartment complex in
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parkville. fire officials believe the fire started when believe the fire started when he was cooking >> woman claims ravens linebacker thugs spilled bleach on her after argument over game ticket. kandace says in a recent complaint she is thug fiance and mother of his 2 children. the court documents he hit her with a soap dispenser and held bleach over them spilling it on them. he says he doesn't have a relationship with williams. mayor dixon spends her sunday among the people she represents but she didn't get a very warm reception from everybody. >> thief. boo. >>reporter: she rode in convertible in the mayor parade yesterday along the parade route some people held up signs of support. wheel others were yelling out calling her a thief. there are questions over whether mayor should step down. some
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wonder if the legal troubles will become faster when the state legislature reconvenes in january. >> he's 50% comes from the state. who are we giving this budget to? assigning it to a mayor that doesn't exist? >> i think she will deal in the best interest of baltimore city fears. >>reporter: dixon attorney have until friday to file an appeal of the mare's conviction. dixon attorneys may use new information about juror no. 3 as reason to appeal. miss tyler looking here won a contest sponsored by city agency back in 2006. she got a shopping spree at grocery store. dixon was at that event. tyler did not disclose the information before the trial started. she says she didn't remember dixon being there or realize the contest was sponsored by the city. battle over slot casino voted on tonight in andarundle couldn't. baltimore base developer hopes to build casino near the mall. kathleen live in annapolis
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with the latest on the story tonight. kathleen? >>reporter: bus loads of protestors already shown up and getting chaotic already down here. hundreds of people are shown up and already an hour and still an hour and half away from the meeting. everyone expects emotional fireworks at this county council meeting. 5 council members will be voting 4 must give the plan the thumb up in order forever it to move forward. the slot issue has been the subject of heated debeat. those oppose say it will be bring crime to the area and they are expected to show up at this meeting in full force and be demonstrating. but casino advocate say it will bring in huge revenue. >> we just need for andarundle couldn't to make a land use decision so that we can move forward. always been my personal pen that we have slots only at the track but wasn't what the general assembly decide. they created large areas within which the county government need to make
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a land use decision. >>reporter: once again this is a live picture in annapolis where demonstrators already showed up to the county council meet that go against at 7:00 o'clock tonight and they are trying to get their voices heard before that meeting starts. county council has a couple of options. they can approve the plan for around el mills and approve different location or could decide to tape el the whole they think and decide something else further down the road. tune in to fox 45 news at 10 tonight to find out the results of that meeting. live in annapolis, fox 45 news at 5:30. okay kathleen. state originally said slot machines would bring in more than 300 billion dollars a year. so now here's our question of the day. will the state see the revenue from slots it first predicted. go to our web seat and tell us what you think. sound off through face book. send us a tweet at fox baltimore. text your answer to this number on the screen and a.for yes or b.for no.
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response may air tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. roads looking tonight? kandace has the traffic edge report. >> thank you jennifer. belt way reveal pretty average ride out there for evening commute. 52 miles per hour right now near liberty road and then 51 traveling through kateville. 95 some trouble there. look at that. 22 miles per hour there in that northeast corner. we have an accident right on the northbound liens and right after 695 finally just cleared out but look at the cars in the red there leading up to the former scene. you can tell it is a heck tech ride there. route 40 not looking like a bad bet for the alternate bet. 95 at the 8 95 merge we can show what you that looks like and here it is. it is going to be a packed commute there on the northbound lanes and that is going to be the merge leading up to the belt way. cruising along just fine here and that is the same deal there moving through the tunnel down from 395 down to the belt way. belt way is going to be in the clear but we have some trouble on 97 crash on south pound
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lanes at general highway. that's a lock at the evening travels, now back over to you. >> thank you kandace sky we have through the first snowstorm. more winter like weather is on the way. >> and we got through it together. vytas joining news a few minutes to tell us what we can expect next. >> also ahead. why one consumer group is questioning the safety of this popular children's toy. ♪ . >> person very close to carrie making singing debut on her making singing debut on her holiday special later on ode to subway catering.
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from sub platters piled high with deelishiocity... to the culinary masterpiece, the giant sub, there isn't an occasion or crowd subway can't take on. so put subway catering in charge and get busy feasting. >> discussions on capitol hill turns one of the most controversial addition to the senate health care reform bill bill, restrictions on federal funding for abortion. amendment filed by democratic senator ben nelson would prevent any health care plan receiving federal funds from
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offering abortion coverage. >> we need to 10 to make it clear that no tax dollars will directly or indirectly fund abortion. >>reporter: abortion battle comes one day after president obama made a rare appearance on capitol hill urging democrats to stick together. critic of health reform say it is important that a ban on federal funding of abortions go farther than just riding it out of the public option. they say federal subsidy shouldn't be used to help buy private plans that cover abortion either. >> you have to face the fact that money is ultimately funding. if you say pay for part of premium with federal dollars but the part for abortion you pay for yourself. that's nonsense. the money you use to pay for one side of it simply frees up money you could pay for the other side of it. >>reporter: house bill does not subsidize plans that provide abortion. women who want the coverage would have to purchase a separate rider. >> more winter leak weather coming this way. vytas joining us now with details on
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sleet in our forecast e.yes. sleet. maybe freezing rain and snow especially back in western maryland. kind of a messy go. into tuesday night into wednesday morning early hours of wednesday morning. looks like what we are seeing on radar right now. most of the light snow is to the north of us overstate college p a but looks like we will continue to see where the storm is coming from, from the south and actually bringing a little bit of precipitation in and as the air is cold enough over the state it will be in the form of like some freezing rain. maybe a little bit of sleet as we go into late tuesday night and then into wednesday morning. warmer air will change over to rain but the road can be slippery in some spots. because of that looking at national weather service issuing a winter storm watch for folks in carol county stretching all the way through the western portion of the state, northern parts of virginia and then into parts of central pennsylvania so looks like we will see probably heavier potential for some icing up back to the west
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of us and nonetheless looks like we all will probably get to see wet weather as we get into tuesday night wednesday morning. here's how it plays out on the future scan. see that for tomorrow. actually get some break in the clouds over the state but then the precipitation starts to move in probably by midnight we see it in the form of that mentioned bag precipitation. snow sleet rain then changes to the warmer temperatures for the morning rush hour at 6:00 a.m. i think all in the form of rain as the temperatures are above freezing. see the rain push through and then continue north as the storm moves north and take the storm activity with it. by thursday start to see dleering clearing out there. 42 around baltimore dc. 28 in western maryland. cold neat indeed down to 34 in town. winds out of the west at 5 to 10. closer look at how the storm will affect us over the next couple days in my 7 day. we want to thank all our viewers who sent in the great pictures of the snow this weekend. we got so many we just had to show you some more. lori september in this picture of her dogs out there enjoying the snow. and
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townsend able to find enough snow to make the huge snow man. even took the time to color in blue. remember when weather heather your neighborhood, see it shoot it send it. up load picture and video to our web site. two to fox an click it on the icon and send pictures directly from the cell phone to pick at fox 68 years ago today the japanese military machine bombed pearl harbor borrow, hawaii plunging the u.s. into the second world war. baltimore marking the day in the unique way. the coast guard cutter is docked there and it was the last ship docked at pearl in 1941. the ceremony today those now serving over sea were his honored. >> young men and women from baltimore and all around this nation drawing inspiration from the example of determination and fortitude that grew from pearl harbor borrow. >>reporter: 1986 donated to
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the city of baltimore to serve as memorial and museum. it is a hot text item for many kids this holiday but it could be toxic. what one group found in these popular toys next. and find out how you it's time for holiday bargain hunting. which requires a razor sharp eye and blazing speed. especially if you're shopping for a chevy. can we speed this up? not only do they come with the best deals of the year, they come with the best coverage in america. you snooze you lose.
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>> toy on the christmas
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legislature of many kids this year could be toxic. consumer group good claims the x-ray test show higher than normal level of metal in zoo zoo toy hamster mr. squiggle. metal can cause headache, dizziness and depression in small doses. toy manufacturer refutes the claim saying the product is safe. consumer product safety commission has promised to review the safety of the toy. new home video releases offer something for everybody this week. but there is big news for muggle. in for a real treat and it can be found at the video stores tomorrow. things are turning dark for harry potter and his friends in harry potter and the half blood presence. it's his secretary year at school of witch craft and busy arrested ri and discovers a book that gives him ensite into lord's past and key to destroying the
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dark wizard. if you need to catch up the history warner brother is releasing the sorcerer stone. they each include a 48 page photo book and hours of special features including screen test of the stars. young fbi agent tracks down the infamous bank robber in tub enemy. johnny depp is the out law and christian bale as the man dedicated to bringing dill inger to justice. in tv news the final season of lost is right around the corner. >> what exactly are you hoping to find e.way off the island. >>reporter: catch up on season 5 when released tomorrow. and see the most dysfunctional firehouse in new york city. rescue me season 5 volume 2 follows tom as drinking spirals out of control' his womanizing catches up with him. after much anticipation new princess is letting the big screen.
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we'll talk about disnecessity upcoming project next team. that's the low down. all right kandace thanks so much. so much. >> christmas carrie underwood former "american idol"winner all star holiday special will be hearing tonight joining her for the two hour special dolly part on, brad paisley, david cook just to name a few e.a lot of music of course. a lot of amazing guest. skits and comedy and things leak that. >>reporter: her mother makes sippinging debut on the show tonight and her favorite pooch has starring role as well. watch carrie underwood holiday special net at 8:00 p.m. right here on fox 45 and it will reair at the same time december the 22nd. ravens try to continue the push for the play off against the packers. yes the tundra frozen at the field. stadium
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set for you next in sports. or lay silence to the most ravenous crowds' appetite... with the culinary masterpiece, the giant sub. so find a reason to party, put subway catering in charge... and get busy feasting. subway. cater fresh.
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>> be welcome back. ravens take the next big step to the play offs tonight. they hope. as they take on the packers in green bay at 6 and 5 ravens beginning their stretch run. it has been a tough road up to this point. they face the likes of tom brady, manning, b brady, manning, brett, philip rivers, carson palmer twice to say nothing of some of the best nfl can claim. harbaugh says it's a difficult way to go. >> we face a top rank defense and face a top rank quarterback seems every week. way the schedule is falling. tough schedule. but that is what makes you better. gives us a chance if we cap we know the games down the stretch make is more prepared for the play off. we have a 6 game season bottom line. that's all that is open our mind. 1
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down 5 to go. that's why here. >>reporter: college football now while maryland had a pruittal year. state of maryland not out of the bowl picture. midship man and navy their assignment yesterday. traveling to houston where they take on missouri and texas bowl at reliens stadium. both the tigers come in with a record setting performance, performance, too. first time navy will play in the seventh consecutive bowl game set for new year's eve in houston. we have a live scoring update with the ravens packers game and university of virginia here's new head football coach and play of the week count down come up. >> thanks so much. sleet on the way apparently. >> vytas back with details. vytas? >>reporter: yes. some folks get sleet some see rain some a little bit of snow. all of the above. looks like we have another bit of nasty system pushing up out of the south but first talk about cold temperatures out there. 38 degrees right now down in inner harbor a little bit of
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cloud cover. scattered across the area and we'll see the temperatures on the colder side of things for tonight. there will be a little warmer air trying to work its way in open wednesday. after that all downhill. pretty cold as we get to the next weekend. 42 out at the airport looking at 37 hagerstown. 36 in harris burg and further west there is even some areas that get down in the 20's tonight. we could see the 20's for overnight low to the weekend. a little system pushing to the north. not really that significant. just dropping a little bit of snow over parts of pennsylvania back to the west and break in the clouds but more clouds building in but more clouds building in through the day as the
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